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Vejle Digital Schools 
Presented at The International Conference The Future of Education, Florence, Italy in June 2011

The network, Vejle Digital Schools, emanates  from the project "School in Motion" - an ambitious project in the municipality of Vejle focusing on innovations in organizational and pedagogical practices in local schools.

The network, Vejle Digital Schools,  intends to make IT a part of educational practice - and maintain it in practice. View participants
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Learning with IT

We know a lot about how children learn. Basically, they learn together with others, alone and what is meaningful. How can it translate into learning with ICT ? How IT can support cognitive, existential and collaborative learning? Which IT activities and the organization supports the learning processes?

IT teaching professionalism
The Digital School is just around the corner. Some shudder at the thought, others see opportunities. The educational success of The Digital School depends on at least two things: Whether it can manage to free time for deep, relational learning and creatte promising mixtures of face-2-face and virtual teaching and learning. The first thing is (rightly) required by the relationally professional teacher. The ladder is required by Knowledge Society. Which IT teaching professionalism is needed here and how do we create it?

IT manager professionalism
There are three central challenges in the process of making IT an integral part of educational practice. These relate to:

- IT use
- IT culture
- IT diversity (or IT complexity)

How do schools, their leaders, teachers and other stakeholders encounter these challenges?

For more information, please contact:

Hans Aa. Sorensen, Deputy Head of Schools, , + 45 2140 8610
Mads Bo-Kristensen , Special Consultant, , +45 4111 1619
Arno Vesterholm, Senior IT Consultant +45 768 15059